"We developed our applications in-house to handle the unique needs of our diverse client base. However, further scalability was not going to be possible without a change of platform. Migration with Transoft offered us a fast, cost-effective and low-risk solution."

Rob Hussey, Head of Solutions Delivery, Mercer Outsourcing

Mercer manages more than 1,000 corporate pensions through a system (MIDAS) developed in-house to provide the configurability required to support this diverse base. MIDAS ran on a dual Alpha cluster that was fast-approaching capacity due to new business and the addition of new self-service features.

Following Transoft's PathFinder assessment and proof of concept to de-risk the key technical elements, Transoft migrated Mercer's critical pensions administration application using the Transoft Legacy Liberator toolset for OpenVMS, which automates the migration process.

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