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OpenVMS Overview - With Transoft's Application Migration solution for OpenVMS you can get to just about any UNIX, Linux or Windows platform you want, and improve the functionality of your application along the way!

Open ACCLIM8 - automates the conversion of OpenVMS FORTRAN applications to UNIX, Linux or Windows

Open C/FIX - a translator that converts VMS specific C code to C code that is compatible with Transoft Open LIBR8, on UNIX, Linux and Windows systems. VMS specific interface routines will be translated to routines that will link transparently with Transoft Open LIBR8, Transoft's library of VMS system services and runtime library calls. Transoft Open C/FIX is available for UNIX, Linux and Windows.

Open BASIC - a retargetable compiler that reads VAX BASIC and generates portable C source code. Transoft Open BASIC automates the migration of BASIC applications to open systems.

Open COBOL - a source code language converter that reads OpenVMS COBOL and generates consistent, portable, and maintainable COBOL source code. Transoft Open COBOL enables the migration of OpenVMS COBOL applications to open systems.

Open DCL - a command interpreter which allows VMS users to operate Unix, Linux and Windows systems with familiar VAX DCL commands.

Open FMS - equivalent to OpenVMS Forms Management Systems, Transoft Open FMS is available as FMS/UNIX, FMS/Linux and FMS/Windows.

Open JBC - an emulation of the VMS Job/Batch Controller (JBC).

Open LIBR8 - a comprehensive set of callable OpenVMS library routines native to, and optimized for, UNIX, Linux and Windows.

Open SMG - an open systems-based screen management facility that supports HP/Digital's VMS-based screen management routines.

Open Pascal - a retargetable translator that reads OpenVMS Pascal and generates portable C source code. Transoft Open Pascal automates the migration of OpenVMS Pascal applications to open systems.

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