Data Quality

Data Quality Tools

Transoft enables organizations to discover, cleanse, de-duplicate, migrate and improve their enterprise data, allowing them to better utilize information and improve operational efficiency. Turn quality data into actionable information.

Data is one of an organization's greatest assets. However, many are unable to maximize its value because it is out-of-date, inaccurate, incomplete or duplicated.

In order to remain competitive all organizations must seek to maximize the potential value in their operational data. However, data that meets the needs of specific operational systems isn't usually good enough for many of the extended uses. Transoft brings unique solutions to data quality and data cleansing problems to help you successfully implement a data quality strategy to meet your individual requirements.  These data quality tools underpin your Master Data Management initiatives and enable their success.


Business Issues Transoft Solution
Desire to increase revenue Accurately target marketing campaigns using enriched data to maximize opportunity
Need to reduce costs Lower cost of mailshots and catalog distribution with data cleansing and de-duplication by continuously validating and correcting data
Customer satisfaction Increase customer loyalty and reduce customer service costs by implementing a Master Data Management system to give a single view of each customer
Business agility Enhance your ability to react quickly to business changes and new opportunities using accurate and reliable data for decision making
Efficient data transfer  Business rules driven data migration
Drive operational efficiency Dynamically integrate legacy data sources with business rules driven synchronization and changed data capture.

Transoft has a single platform for Application and Database integration to provide Data Quality and Master Data Management (MDM) solutions for your legacy applications, your new systems and your Cloud based services.  MDM is more than good software it is a strategy that delivers significant business benefit.


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