Data and Enterprise Application Integration

The Transoft data and enterprise application integration solutions enable existing applications to use Cloud or on-premise services to interact with all other systems.  Transoft products and services support all major Cloud deployment models including Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud.  We integrate your applications with all major leading Cloud providers to deliver business changing solutions.

Transoft successfully addresses the integration of core applications based on older technologies, by enabling SOA for legacy and full integration of new technologies, such as Java, .NET, HTML5 and JSON.

Our approach enables legacy applications to connect directly to newer applications in a scalable way.  Our standards based approach enables the integration of business systems and applications to streamline operations and reduce costs. Application Integration helps streamline service within your business and to your trading partners and customers.

Many legacy applications operate as islands of technology, with manual and batch procedures being created to periodically move data between applications. Transoft provides a solution to these synchronization problems to manage Change Data Capture (CDC) and define data synchronization projects using the powerful Transoft DBntegrate tool.


Business Issues Transoft Solution
Need for greater efficiency Real-time seamless integration of business logic and data in older core systems with on-premise Cloud applications.
Deliver mobile platform from legacy applications Integrate mobile framework with existing systems with minimal application re-work.
Compliance with corporate standards Can be used stand-alone or as part of an IBM Websphere, Microsoft BizTalk or Oracle Fusion enterprise SOA strategy.
Improved business processes Scalable connectivity, ensuring legacy integration is not the weak link in an enterprise application integration process chain.
Reduced risk A flexible, cost-effective and minimum risk data and enterprise application integration solution.
Return on investment Maximize investment in legacy applications by implementing lightweight SOA solution for legacy integration to all modern technologies.



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